06 юни, 2016

USA - Costa Rica; tip: USA

USA will host Costa Rica in a Copa America game on Wednesday. The match starts at: 03:00 in the morning Bulgarian time. You can watch it on livestream: here.

This is the most important game for US, because Costa Rica is the weakest opponent they will meat in Group A. After loosing from Columbia with 2-0 this is a must win game for them in order to have any chances to proceed through. it will not be decided even if they win it, but it will be a huge step.

Costa Rica played a boring game against Paraguay, which ended 0-0. The only interesting fact from the game is the red card for Waston literally in the last minute. He is one of the main central defenders of the team.

The tournament is carried out in the USA so they will have huge support from their fans. Everything is in their favor and it is up to them to win this game.

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