19 юни, 2016

Romania - Albania; tip: 1

Romania will play against Albania in the third round of Group A of EURO 2016. The match starts at 22:00 and will be live on Diema and Dieama Sport.

Romania still have a chance to qualify for the next stage if they win this game. Until now they have one point won against their opponent for the second place Switzerland. Also they played well against France and despite losing with 2-1 it is a promising sign.

Albania on the other have lost their two games without scoring a goal. They do not have a chance to to proceed and I think that the motivation in the team will be low.

I am choosing the draw no bet option for safety reasons. Still in my opinion Romania will win the game and if you want higher odds bet on them, but with smaller amount.

Прогноза: "1"

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